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Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia

The life and times of Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia. The blog is updated whenever we feel like and we have a new funny picture to share. See "Archives" below for previous postings.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Today's visit: Castel S. Angelo + Torta

How about this for a postcard from Rome?

If he's putting the sword back in, then it's fine.
But what if he's pulling it out? This can be the Angel of Death! Brrrr...

Maria Vittoria looks so much like Lucia when she was little - it's actually scary.
Will she also have a temper?

Happy Birthday Anna!!Don't be fooled by the candles!
She is not 46, we were just celebrating Valentino Rossi's 2nd place in Sepang.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Laziolazio - iniziazione al culto

Lucia & Penelope asked to be brought to the stadium to see a Lazio game... how could I refuse?
Elena brought handmade Lazio pins and they all cheered as the home team won their game!
Sorry Sassuolo, this was more important.