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Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia

The life and times of Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia. The blog is updated whenever we feel like and we have a new funny picture to share. See "Archives" below for previous postings.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

 Another fabulous visit from more fabuous friends, Jane and Steve. We started out their trip with a trek to Testaccio area of Rome for a day outdoors for a food festival. There were games to play, food to eat and beer to drink... There was even a museum which dedicated itself "per un po' di tempo" to anti nukes. The girls both made drawings at the drawing center to put on the walls there in their agreement that they just do no good for the world, so why have them? There is another picture below which is a close up. Two drawings from Lucia and one by Penelope.
Alessandro being just a little silly and Lucias reaction. 

 On the street.
Janey's favorite car the Fiat 500, old school.
Getting a birds eye view over one of the hills of Rome.

 Is that Audrey Hepburn I see? Oh, no, its Princess Penelope!

Group shots by both the girls.

My favorite Remus and Romulus suckling on the wolf.


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