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Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia

The life and times of Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia. The blog is updated whenever we feel like and we have a new funny picture to share. See "Archives" below for previous postings.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Hat YOU!

I have tried any possible size and colour but Lucia just does not seem to like hats.
What do you think?


Anonymous Umberto said...

Oliviero Toscani makes you a moustache!

This horrible experiment reveals your truly nature of man without ethics.
It's self-evident you are arranging for a prominent part of Lucia in an upcoming film about "Happy Hooligan" (see - for the Italian speaking: Fortunello).

Anyway she seems to stand the orange hat (central picture).

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Corrado said...

In the second and third pictures you really look like Oliver Hardy. May be we can dream a new comic couple: you and your forthcoming italian cousin.

I personally prefer the picture with the red hat: the expression you have shows that your parents won't succeed for long in playing with your public image...

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Umberto said...

It remains to prove that relative dimensions of the forthcoming cousin would be like those of Stan Laurel.
Recent measurements of residual husband bed area and sheets support the hypotesis that Lucia could be the thin one.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Corrado said...

This suggests some interesting problems to solve: given a bed of fixed area, is it possible to find a sequence of children such that the set determined by parents + children gives a covering of the bed? Is it possible to find a finite sequence with the above property? What can be said in the case of an n-dimensional bed? Lucia, I strongly hope you will help me in answering to these exciting questions...

9:06 AM  

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