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Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia

The life and times of Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia. The blog is updated whenever we feel like and we have a new funny picture to share. See "Archives" below for previous postings.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

We are (we have been) Back!

We spent two full weeks in Rome; Lucia handled the flight and the jet lag pretty well and she was in good shape for all the people that wanted to meet her.
Most of all, she impressed them with her balancing and juggling skills.

And now we have some serious catching up to do. Let's see some pictures of the people Lucia met there.

This is Camilla, Alessandro's cousin (another red head!)
She has two children in Matera: Leonardo (12) and Francesca (11). Meeting Lucia must have brought back the memories of when they were this young!

And this is another Francesca (Emanuela's daughter); it was love at first sight. Francesca had a natural sympathy for Lucia and was able to make her laugh really hard.

All crammed together for a family photo! Left to right: Elena, Letizia, Paolo, Lucia, Corrado, Valentina and Francesca. We don't have pictures of Ivano, Emanuela and Giada with Lucia; how did that happen? I guess we were too busy having lunch and enyoining each other's company...
We'll make up for it when they come to NYC, i promise!

We paid back a visit to Amy and little-not-so-little Zoe; why aren't the fathers ever in these pictures? It's all about women in these families! I guess they are easier on the eyes.

And just to confirm the above, here's a picture with Nonna Luciana while taking a nice walk up on Monte Mario to see the eternal city from above. She shed a tear when we left and so did we. But she's going to come over for Lucia's first birthday!

Ok, it's a women's world. Look at Livia and Gongolina-Elena. They look so much alike, don't they? Once again: where was Umberto?
Elena is coming along very well; Lucia can't wait to start the exchange program that Umberto came up with!

This armchair was nonno Vittorio's. Too bad i did not have a chance to meet him and play with his nose... But i am sure he can see me now and this smile goes to him!


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