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Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia

The life and times of Lucia Maryellen and Penelope Luna Mascia. The blog is updated whenever we feel like and we have a new funny picture to share. See "Archives" below for previous postings.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Corrado e Chiara

Zio Corrado and Chiara came to visit for new year, but it took a while to process the film.

Digital? What digital? Awww! I had a perfect excuse for posting these so late!!!
Anyway, Chiara and Lucia seem to have bonded really well and Uncle Corrado would not stop taking pictures! He's turning japaneseee!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who wears short shorts?

Uncle Andy is here!

Uncle Andy came for a quick visit last week. We had a great time with him even though it was really quick.

Scotty and Andrea visit from Long Island...

and Scotty was just full of kisses for Lucia (no they are not an item, yet.)

It's a New Year!

We had our friends Julie, Mika, Donna and Kyra over for dinner this past saturday and Lucia was enjoying the change of pace from boring old mom!

Baby wipes???

Look what we found in the baby wipes box from Costco! She is soooo cute we decided to keep her!

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's in Florida...

The only problem was, somehow we failed to get any pictures of the Grandparents! How did that happen? Was Gene too busy hounding Helen in the kitchen again? But Auntie Carol sure had a great time!

Lucia seems to have given up on shuffling around and has been crawling up a storm and hopefully the drooling stage is finally over (though we are still waiting for her top two teeth to show up.)

On the subway...

At this point Lucia is pretty familiar with the subway. She has even tried subway surfing once or twice!


Uncle Pete! You are not just a face on instant messenger!

Here we have Uncle Pete who came to visit during Thanksgiving. Lucia who met him for the first time in person said, "kewl, this handsome man is a relative of mine!" And he brought his awesome dog Buster. Buster gave Lucia alot of kisses from chin to eyeball but she didn't mind. She seemed to get a real kick out of being near something that looked so much like her stuffed animals but could actually move!